December Release

Hooray! The updated edition of Elizabeth's Digital Asset Management book is here!

Elizabeth Ferguson Keathley first published this book with Apress, which was bought out by Springer publishing around the time her book hit the shelves. While the first edition of the book did well for its category, clearing about 600 copies in its first year, the change in ownership of Apress and a few other things meant Elizabeth wanted a new avenue for her content.

We're so glad she chose No Cube Press! As our second release, Digital Asset Management: Content Architectures, Project Management, and Creating Order Out of Media Chaos is the perfect starter for our line of specialty non-fiction.  Thanks so much, Elizabeth! We at No Cube Press were happy to help Elizabeth with the legal paperwork to ensure her co-authors were credited properly and legally taken care of as well. Henrik de Gyor wrote the forward, and also contributed to the text, as did Ralph Windsor.

Do you have specialized knowledge others might like to read about? If you can write an outline for a book, on your special area of expertise, No Cube will be happy to help you lay out your thoughts and ideas into a book!

Original Cover Design by Elizabeth Keathley.

Original Cover Design by Elizabeth Keathley.