What we do

Here's the skinny without the legal language:

No Cube Press prepares content for publication using CreateSpace software. We make sure that the work looks the way you want before publishing. Once everything looks just the way you want, your content will be made available for sale at the price you want on the platforms you want - Amazon, iTunes, and others.

Of the gross amount generated through sales, a percentage will come out for the sales platform. For instance, 30% comes out for Amazon if it's sold there, and there will be other percentages for CreateSpace and other sales platforms. What's left over from the platform percentages gives us the net amount generated by sales. All accounting will be open to the artist and writers through screen shots and spreadsheets.  I'll even schedule a monthly Go To Meeting on a standing date and time to review how everything is going.

Of the net amount generated by the books, 80% will go to the author, 5% to the cover artist, and 15% to No Cube Press. At the end of the year, we even issue tax documents to keep everything square with the feds.

How No Cube Press Works

As an example, let's say an author publishes an e-book with a list price of $2.99.


The net of one sale is $2.99

95 cents (just under 30%) goes to Amazon

The remaining $2.05 is the net.

80% of  $2.05 is $1.64, which goes to the author.

The person who did the cover art gets 5%, or 10 cents

The publisher gets 15%, or 31 cents.

Payments will be calculated and paid out quarterly; the monthly meetings are just to keep everyone informed.

Let's say the book does well, and sells 200 copies in a quarter on Amazon.

That's a gross sale amount of $598.00

30% comes off for Amazon, or $179.00

The remaining $419 is the net.

$335.20 would be sent via PayPal to the author.  That's an electricity bill paid!

$20.95 would go to the cover artist.  That's a lunch paid!

$62.85 would go to the publisher.  That's a movie with the kids, paid!

This is how micro publishing works. It won't make you rich, but you get to pay some bills.